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Reminding young readers that they are an answer to prayer.
Our Goodnight Prayer Hardback $18.95


Paperback $9.95

The Re-Gift

Hardback $9.95

Paperback $9.95

Twinkle, the Littlest Star


Created tiny among the bright stars, Twinkle doesn’t fit in and dances across the night sky to find her place. The biggest star tells her she’s too small and dim. The smaller stars tell her she’s too young. Twinkle feels alone and doesn’t know her purpose. When an angel appears and tells her that her time has come to shine, Twinkle finally knows why she was created. Shining brighter than ever before, Twinkle lights the way to a very special birth.

Twinkle, the Littlest Star is a Christmas story like no other. Twinkle will capture your heart showing that even the littlest stars can shine the brightest. -Bob Goff, Author of Love Does

I Want You to Know...

I Want You to Know
Colburn, Leslie

Our Goodnight Prayer

Our Goodnight Prayer by Leslie Colburn gives you and your child the chance to give thanks for the blessing they are in your life as you are tucking them into bed. Incorporating prayer and the chance to bow your heads, you and your child can say goodnight in gratitude and peace.

Our Goodnight Prayer
Colburn, Leslie


As part of The Cross My Heart Books Series, this journal combines gratitude, prayer and love to guide your child toward a deeper understanding of how valuable they are. With weekly memory verses, this journal is the gift that allows your child to see the light that God shines on them so that they can shine His light on others.

5-Week Cross My Heart Journal with Memory Verses f ….
Colburn, Leslie

YOU: A Reason to Celebrate BOOK

Written in rhyme, YOU is the perfect book for celebrating just how wonderful and special your child is. Watch your child’s face light up as you remind them how truly loved they are and how Jesus created them as a masterpiece…His precious work of art to be celebrated every day!

YOU: A Reason to Celebrate
Colburn, Leslie and Short, Brenda

About Leslie

Leslie lives with her husband and two daughters in windy Wyoming. She loves to write words of encouragement reminding others that re-gifting God’s love is what matters the most. She is the founder of Cross My Heart Books, a series that inspires us to shine bright and scatter hope and joy. Click here to reach out to Leslie.


After we say ‘thank you’, then we will experience God’s peace! A peace beyond what we can understand. A peace that will guard our hearts and our minds! Jesus is the Prince of Peace. He is the miracle.
"I will always carry the scars of my broken heart, but my scars are a reminder that God heals"
"I breathe. I cry a little bit–peaceful tears. I kiss Allison good-night and hope that maybe my mom kissed her in that same spot before I did…this was so much better than two pennies."
"A Jesus conversation is not from a script, it is from the heart. Your Jesus conversation is as unique as you are. Lean into your gifts. Lean into Jesus."

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Reach out to Leslie for more information about author visits and events!